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Compostable Gnat Traps

Compostable Gnat Traps

Have fungus gnats or other annoying flying pests? Simply stick these discreet pest strips on the inside rim of your pot to make them disappear! These pest traps are made from compostable corn, not toxic plastic, so they can go straight in the compost once the pests have disappeared.

Discreet design catches pests without large ugly traps. Simply stick these bad boys on the inside rim of your pots and watch those buggers disappear. Don't want to stick it to your pot? No worries! It also comes with a small stake to stick these in the dirt instead of on the pot.

  1. Wipe the inside rim of your pot so it's clean of dirt & debris.
  2. Take out 1 strip (or 2 if you have a bad infestation) use the sticky back to place them on the inside rim of your pot.  
  3. Remove the protective layer from the top and enjoy bug free plants!
  4. Replace once / month or sooner depending on need. Comes with 20 pest strips.
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