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Can you imagine a wedding without flowers? Yeah, neither can we.
As a wedding florist, we want to create the most astonishing and breathtaking floral arrangements for you and your guests. We listen to what you want and help you picture your wedding. Then we pour all of our imagination and experience into work producing your wedding floral wishes.
Our floral compositions translate your vision into exquisite combinations of plants, flowers, and greenery, rich in colors and textures. We want to use the whole array of foliage nature gives us. 
Each Wedding is Different: Let’s Create Original Flower Designs
No wedding is the same. Each couple envisions their special day differently and that’s what makes each wedding interesting.
As a wedding florist, we have created floral arrangements for diverse weddings and in very varied settings. Every time, we match the surroundings with our floral creations. Our floral designs are made to enhance every couple and wedding ceremony.

Everything Nature Has to Offer

Succulents and floral combinations in wedding floral arrangements? Why not? We believe that we should use everything that nature so generously gives us.

We include in our creations various bits of nature, however unusual and unexpected these might be.

This means we use succulents and cacti, fruit, nuts and seeds, and both wild and meadow flowers. We sometimes include dried plants and flowers. We find great use for ferns, while conifers can make a great addition to many floral combinations. Grasses and vines can be amazing at giving extra depth and lushness to botanical arrangements.

The combinations are endless. Our inspiration is driven by our experience in creating wedding displays and by the sheer diversity and richness our natural environment provides us with.

Floral Arrangements for Weddings

A wedding floral arrangement is more than the bridal bouquet. Flowers enhance and highlight so many aspects of the wedding ceremony.

Flower elements are required in almost every step of a wedding ceremony and a wedding reception. Yes, the bride’s bouquet will be unique. But what about the bouquets for the bridesmaids and the flower crowns? Not to mention the boutonnieres for the groom and the best man and the corsages for relatives.

And, of course, no wedding is imaginable without wedding flowers for the actual ceremony. These can include entryway arrangements, altar displays, aisle decorations, and arch flower designs.

As for the reception, flowers are here to decorate and highlight the tables. Guests will love flower centerpieces as well as table decorations. It’s always nice to decorate the food stations with flower displays to give extra color and joy during the celebratory lunch or dinner.

Don’t forget how flowers can complement and embellish food. Flowers decorate and adorn the wedding cake and can even be used in food. After all, many flowers are edible!

And a small extra: it’s always nice to add small flower arrangements in the restroom. Matching these to the general theme of the wedding shows the attention to detail that makes a wedding exceptional and unique.

Make the Most Out of Your Wedding Flowers

When it comes to flowers, there’s nothing more fitting than a wedding. It’s the perfect occasion to combine the display of love with the beauty of nature.

Each wedding is an opportunity to create an original display that captures the desires and expectations of the couple.

Here at Beet and Yarrow, we apply our experience and love for nature to create the most breathtaking floral arrangements for every wedding.

Our expanded and deep knowledge of flora means we can design astonishing displays with the most unexpected bits of nature. We do not shy away from using unusual natural elements to highlight and bring out the uniqueness and elegance of each and every wedding

Take a look at various wedding floral arrangements we provided

Vibrant Summer Wedding

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Moody Mountain Wedding

Images by Our Love is Loud


Intimate Sunlit Wedding

Images by Annaleisa at Meraki Wedding Photography


Source Hotel Wedding

Images by Cassie Rosch


Greenhouse Elopement

Images by Our Love is Loud


St Julien Hotel Wedding

Images by Laura Murray


Lyons Farmette Wedding

Images by Meredith Soy


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