Shop FAQ
Where is your shop located?
We’re located inside the lovely Source Hotel, on the market hall level. The Source Hotel is next door to the original source building in the RINO Arts District, which housed our first location. There is complimentary parking available for your first hour in the attached garage.
Does Beet & Yarrow deliver?
Yes, we deliver single orders within Denver and the surrounding areas, with prices dependant on zip code. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our online catalog, please feel free to give us a call so you can speak with someone on our team.

If you’re looking for delivery for an event or wedding, we offer this as an option as well. Our minimum floral purchase for event delivery and set-up is $4,000. Event delivery cost is based on the location and the size of the event. We also offer a courier option for wedding delivery with no minimum order total.
Does Beet & Yarrow sell floral crowns?
Unfortunately, we no longer offer floral crowns as a single purchase item. Floral crowns can only be purchased as part of a wedding or event package. We ultimately found the cost to make them individually was too high.
Does Beet & Yarrow offer classes and workshops?
Yes, we offer classes around the holiday season and sporadically throughout the year. We are also capable of setting up a private class for an event, shower, or party to create a unique experience for your guests. Please contact us for specific pricing and additional information.
Can we create a custom arrangement from my specific floral idea?
We’d love to give it a go — but it depends. Email or call us with your idea!
Plant FAQ
How do I care for my new plant?
Air plants: Prefer bright light, airflow, and about a 30-minute bath per week, fully submerged in lukewarm water. Spritzing your air plant with water daily is also a good idea, but not as favorable in the dry Colorado air (and more work for the plant’s human).

Succulents: Like bright light, weekly watering, and proper drainage. To accomplish this, water all of the soil, but watch for overwatering if there isn’t proper drainage in your pot. The best test is to feel the top inch of soil and water when it is dry. Succulents with inadequate light will get “leggy”, meaning they’re reaching for the light. If your plant is getting too much light, the leaves may turn a bit red. Our succulents are usually not hardy enough for our outdoor winters in Colorado.

Tropicals: Typically like weekly watering. It is important that your plant does not get too much or too little water. The amount of light your plant requires will depend on the type.

Cacti: Prefer being watered every other week, bright light, and proper drainage.
Should I re-pot my plant?
Sure! But, be wary of jumping up too many pot sizes. We also don’t recommend repotting more than once a year.
Can I return my plant?
Please refer to our refund policy found here.
What’s wrong with my plant?
Send us an email with details and photos of your plant, and we’ll do our best to help you figure it out. We’re by no means scientists, but we might have a tip or two!
Wedding FAQ
How much do wedding flowers cost?
All of our weddings are custom priced by item, making it easy for you to work within your budget. To give you an idea of our pricing, see below for our starting prices per item:

  • Bridal Bouquets: starting at $185
  • Bridesmaid Bouquets: starting at $85
  • Boutonnieres: starting at $18
  • Corsages: starting at $24
  • Bud Vase: starting at $13
  • Centerpieces: starting at $35
Keep in mind, we also have a 15% design fee and additional delivery and set up charges, if necessary. We have no minimums for customer or courier pickup orders. The typical minimum for our team to set up with delivery is $4,000.
How do I learn more about wedding or event services?
For more information, email our events coordinator at From there, we will arrange a time to discuss your needs for your upcoming event. Before committing to using Beet & Yarrow, you will receive a full proposal and photo inspiration to communicate the floral vision. Once the proposal and vision are locked in, a payment (½ deposit) will secure your wedding or event date.
General FAQ
Do we do partnerships?
Occasionally, yes! Please email us to discuss what you have in mind.
Will you be a stockist for our brand?
We love finding cool new products, but we have limited retail space. Please email us your line sheet and images of your product and we’d be happy to take a look.
Are you hiring?
We usually post all open positions on major job search websites. We are a small team, but our business is always changing. If you’re interested in joining the Beet & Yarrow team, feel free to email us your resume. Floral experience is not always required. We look for folks with great personalities, customer service experience, and people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.
Can I intern with Beet & Yarrow?
Unfortunately, we are only able to employ paid positions at this time.
Will we donate flowers?
Every year, we donate a limited number of gift certificates or complimentary bouquets to charities. On a case by case basis, we offer full event florals at a 20% discount to charities.
Will we donate flowers for a photoshoot?
If your photo project and photography style match our photo needs as a brand, we will consider contributing flowers toward a photoshoot with you. We typically don’t do many photoshoots during the wedding season.
Do we carry poppy seeds, marijuana leaves, or anything else drug-related?
We do not. We do carry locally made CBD chocolate. But, before you get too excited, it contains no THC.
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