Flowers for Events and Special Occasions

Create a memorable experience with expressive floral compositions that inspire feeling, lingering a little longer, and reveling in the moment. From corporate events and fundraisers to intimate social gatherings like baby showers and birthdays, Beet & Yarrow designs floral pieces that evoke emotion and complete your unique vision. 
There are so many flower occasions to celebrate: engagement parties, galas, graduations, reunions, parties, birthdays and get-togethers. All these events offer us an opportunity to rejoice with flowers and botanical compositions. They are happenings calling for floral jubilation and outstanding flower patterns. 
Any occasion can be refined with the appropriate flower arrangements.                
Floral experiences call for diversity, colors, aromas, and shapes that stand apart from the rest. Mixing textures with leaves, branches, cones, and flowers provide spectacular floral designs to elevate each and every event.