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Women's History Month

It’s Women’s History Month! We want to use this as a chance to spotlight some of our favorite women makers and suppliers—the artisans, growers, and wholesalers responsible for some of our favorite shop wares, and certainly for the incredible stock of flowers and greenery. 


Product photo of Culture Chocolate
Cultura Chocolate is a Latina-owned, bean-to-bar chocolate making company in Colorado with a mission to create truly amazing chocolate that has greater transparency, sustainability, and accessibility. Chocolate has been a part of owner Damaris’ story in some form or another for most of her life—when she was a kid, she would visit her grandparents in Mexico where her abuela made the best champurrado (chocolate atole) and mole sauce in town. We are obsessed with the warming, traditional Mexican-style drinking chocolate we carry at the shop, along with their vibrantly packaged chocolate bars. 
Photo of multiple Merigold Face Mask boxes
Merigold is another women-owned, Denver-made product line we can’t get enough of. Founder Hillary Tijerina crafted a face mask for every concern and need under the sun, and we appreciate that the ingredients are organic and a pleasure to use. We always have the antioxidant lavender reishi, blueberry rose, and turmeric calendula masks on our wishlist; at the shop, we carry a ritual kit that comes with the tools to apply a mask, like a locally crafted ceramic bowl, goat hair mask application brush, and wooden mixing spoon.  

Growers & Wholesalers 

Photo of beautiful florals located at Red Daisy Farms in Brighton Colorado
Red Daisy Farm, one of our growers, is helmed by Meg Beauman—she and her family of five run the flower farm in Brighton, Colorado. In addition to supplying us with flowers, we love that they offer flower plugs for anyone to be able to start their own personal cutting garden, from snapdragons and statice to cosmos and scabiosa. In their growing season, from June to October, they have a pretty incredible DIY option to pick up flowers and foliage by the bucket for weddings, birthdays, or really any reason. 
Photo of a wall of florals from M&M Cut Flora in Denver Colorado
Marianne Gutstein founded M&M Cut Flora, a flower collective and our wholesaler. The team over there has a collective experience of 200 years in the floral industry and wholesale flower trade; we love them for their outstanding, high quality variety of flowers, from the everyday to the novelty—they have such an expansive collection of flowers, branches, and greens.
We're really proud to work with these women, and you can support their work by buying in our shop, or simply sending an arrangement!
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