Slow Down & Cozy Up: the Spirit of Hygge

Slow Down & Cozy Up: the Spirit of Hygge

This is my slow-down season. I often have to fight to keep it this way and make sure I’m not too busy; it’s an essential time of rest. 

This shows itself in the place I’m ultimately spending my downtime: at home. “Cozy” is a sense of belonging, and the way we feel in connection to our communities. It’s also a way we can feel, and create, in space. I’ve always liked the concept of hygge and the creation of a mood of coziness and slowing; I like, just as much, how this practice means different things to different people. 

I love having fresh evergreen in the house. Their scent is bracing and so specific to this time of year, and I don’t even mind if they get dried out. We always go with a group of friends to chop down a Christmas tree—they’re sort of small and weird, full of character, like the Charlie Brown trees—and I covet this annual ritual. I love hanging a wreath, and arranging branches in outdoor pots. 

There are homemade meals, and there’s lingering over the process and in the kitchen itself. Winter meals unwind slower than the warm-weather variety does; life isn’t too hectic,  and I can make cozy soups and curries and stews, and simple, slow-roasted vegetables. I’ll make mulled wine to fill the house with spicy warmth. When I’m really cold, I retreat into a hot bath. My favorite essential oil is frankincense, so I’ll add that along with epsom salt. There’s always something burning, like candles or incense

I’m super holiday cheesy—I love decorating for this season—and I’m a big Martha Stewart Living fan; I keep YEARS of holiday issues packed away so I can look through them for ideas. I bake Christmas cookies, like simple shortbread—the kids help, and we’ll have a house cookie decorating contest. We always have roommates, so there are lots of adults to participate, and everyone gets a stocking. I got a permanent advent calendar, and I love making up my own activities—looking at lights, watching a Christmas movie, having a dance party, listening to holiday music—and filling it with teeny-tiny presents.

At the shop, we’ve been dehydrating orange slices for the season. We’ve been getting our wreaths and wreath kits ready. We’re getting orders for arrangements and table centerpieces, and holiday present shoppers. 

Whatever your version of hygge might be, we have what you need to fluff your winter nest in the “Shop Gifts” section of our website. 

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