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Send Flowers to Your Loved Ones… Just Because!

Send Flowers to Your Loved Ones… Just Because!

An old florist joke has a florist carrying an enormous bouquet of flowers on the train. A passenger man sees him and gasps. “Good grief, buddy! Whatever did you do?”

People seem to believe that you can only send flowers on specific occasions: to apologize to your wife or to wish a speedy recovery. To say “happy birthday” or “happy anniversary.” And to adorn weddings.

But why should you need an excuse to send flowers?

When Life Gets Complicated

2020 was full of surprises—not all of them good. Social distancing took its toll and Zoom has reminded us of the value of physical contact. We just can’t convey our true feelings through a camera.

So, how can we remind our loved ones that we love them?

Flowers, leaves, and blooms are here to add joy and happiness to our stressed lives. Their vibrant colors, rich shapes, and cheerful demeanor convey the one message few of us hear nearly enough: I’m thinking of you! They are a virtual hug at a time when everyone needs a hug.

Cheer up Your Loved Ones with Floral Arrangements

When it comes to roses, there are new and stunning colors on the market in tonal bronze, blush, and peach. Barista pink roses and Cold-brew roses are some favorites that are sure to wow and intrigue your loved ones. There’s always gorgeous and bright ranunculus, and the exuberant colors of anthurium and chrysanthemums. Consider the whimsical shapes of branches, dried grasses and palms, or pods and berries that add texture and depth to any vase. 

Just looking at an imaginative floral arrangement will brighten up your day and remind you of what’s important in life: life itself and everything joyous in it.

By their nature, flowers are so diverse that you are certain to find what you are looking for.

Roses, dahlias, chrysanthemums, and zinnias, are perfect for autumnal shades with their reds, oranges, and auburns.

If you are looking for a spring touch, you can choose tulips year-round, hyacinth, ranunculus, daffodils, lilies, and peonies to bring the exuberance of spring to your loved one.

As for winter, despite what you might think, nature has plenty to offer us. How about pine cones, berried juniper, ilex, and pepperberry, or fruit like pomegranates and persimmons, or dried citrus?

Our boutique flower shop uses all seasonal flowers, branches, greenery, and foliage to create intriguing arrangements that can satisfy all tastes.

The Perfect Gift: A Floral Subscription

If you still need an excuse to send flowers, few can beat the holiday season!

Whether your loved ones celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or just each other during the festive season, a floral subscription would make the perfect gift.  Make the new year a colorful one with a floral subscription and imagine your loved ones’ surprise and appreciation at receiving monthly fresh botanical designs to brighten up their mood and homes throughout the year.

What better way to bring more beauty to the life of your wife or husband, mother or father, auntie or uncle, sister or brother, grandmother or grandfather? And remember the real meaning behind your gift: “I’m thinking of you and this gift is a reminder that I’m here for you, even when we can’t be together.”

No matter what life throws at us, we will survive. We people are resilient and can withstand anything. But life is about more than survival. It’s about enjoyment. Appreciation. Care. Love.

With a little bit of natural beauty and artistry, we can make our lives and the lives of our loved ones happier. Why should we miss out on joy?

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