Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

Christmas is the perfect time to brighten up your home with vibrant colors and arrangements. Colors, shapes, textures, and greenery all mix together for the most extravagant botanical decorations.

Let’s celebrate Christmas and the holidays with flamboyant natural abundance!

Red Is for the Holidays …

If there’s one color that is synonymous with the holidays, it’s red. With so many flowers coming in red hues, it’s just a question of choice and personal preference. Ranunculus, Protea, Roses, Amaryllis, and Carnations—all offer bright crimson hues that bring a pop of color and liveliness to the whole room.

For a classic look, or a floral piece that will elevate your Christmas ambiance to the next level, check out our Cozy Christmas arrangement. A pop of white keeps it bright.

… and Speaking of White

It’s not Christmas without snow, and white is a fresh and modern way to go. You can create astonishing Christmas floral decorations with white flowers, and here the choices are almost endless. Tulips, roses, and hydrangeas are the classics, but you can also use snapdragons, chrysanthemums, stock, carnations, ranunculus…even orchids! Switch it up with trendy dried and bleached botanicals. Pick your favorites, mix them together, and enjoy your classy and festive floral arrangement. 

It’s the Season to Be Bold and Luxurious: Silver and Gold

Add a splash of gold or silver to your arrangement to bring a touch of luxury. A vase of silver or gold can bring elegance to your decor, while flowers in metallic or auburn shades, like dried palm or orchids, can boost the richness of these precious metals. We have just the thing for you with our Baby It’s Gold Outside flower arrangement or Silver Belle.

Have We Mentioned Evergreens?

Fresh aromatic evergreens are in abundance this time of year, practically begging to be brought indoors for the holidays. Pair your Christmas tree with pine boughs, garlands, wreaths, and sprigs of juniper (we even like to include some in our Christmas cocktail). Evergreens offer vibrant green shades of volume and texture to your holiday decor. 

Nature Is Generous Even in Winter

We all think of spring and summer as the seasons where flowers flourish, but winter has a magic all of its own. Mother Nature is generous this time of the year, gifting us with greenery, pine cones, cranberries, ferns, and moss to provide your creations with extra depth and texture. Add a little bit of tree bark and berries and your setting is positively festive.

If you like unexpected and eye-catching bouquets, try adding persimmons, berries, pomegranates, kumquats, and other seasonal fruit: they’ll stand out beautifully among the foliage. After all, the Holidays and eating go hand in hand!

Christmas Around the Table: Food and Flowers

Place a tablescape on your festive lunch or dinner table. We’ve curated color and texture combinations to choose from, taking the guesswork out of your table decor. Whatever your style, we have you covered with a Christmas Classic tablescape or festive Winter Whites

Bring a Wreath Home for the Holidays

Wreaths hanging on our doors are a bit of cheer for you and your neighbor. If you like Christmas traditional and colorful, then choose our Classic Evergreen Wreath with spruce and berries. For a longer-lasting wreath, we have created a Winter Whites wreath with dried materials including baby's breath, pampas grass, and more.

If the past few months locked at home have given you a taste for crafting, then consider creating your very own wreath with our DIY Wreath Kit; complete with wire, ribbon, fresh evergreens, and a few dried botanicals. Or, consider gifting kits to your family and friends, and gather them on zoom for socially distant decorating. Not only is it therapeutic, but it will give you a chance to connect with loved ones for a fun activity this holiday season. 

Christmas Gifts

Make the season of giving last year-round with a Beet & Yarrow floral subscription. Or celebrate the moment with a wrapped bouquet, one of our in-house curated gift sets (like this top-seller), or select something special from our retail shop. We offer brands including Woolly wax candles, piecework puzzles, Imani collective ornaments, Incienso de Santa Fe incense burners, and cultura chocolate 

Let’s make Christmas festive, happy, and floral. Visit our online shop or drop by our store to pick the flowers that you love—or to get advice and help on creating something astonishing and celebratory to brighten up your home this holiday season.

Call now 720-934-6438, order online, or visit us at The Source Hotel and Market Hall, 3330 Brighton BLVD, Unit 205, Denver, CO 80216, and treat yourself and your loved ones to a healthy dose of holiday cheer!
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